Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Catholic Schools' Week. A Great Success!

1st February 2019


Thank you to everyone who took part in our activities during Catholic Schools’ Week.  It was so fitting, when the focus was on ‘Celebrating the Work of St Brigid’s PS in Our Parish Community’, that the school was filled with grandparents, parents and other family members during the week.  The children really enjoyed the experience of making St Brigid’s crosses with their grandparents.  The beautiful superhero displays, dedicated to grandparents, created by each class can be viewed at any time if you haven’t seen them already.  The St Brigid’s Day Mass was lovely and it was so pleasing to see so many family members sharing our special day with us.

Thanks again for all your support.

Enjoy this very special gallery of photographs.

Img 2439
Img 2440
Img 2441
Img 2442
Img 2443
Img 2444
Img 2445
Img 2446
Img 2447
Img 2448
Img 2449
Img 2450
Img 2451
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Img 2454
Img 2455
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Img 2457
Img 2458
Img 2459
Img 2461
Img 2462
Img 2463
Img 2464
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Img 2467
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Img 2470
Img 2472
Img 2473
Img 2474
Img 2475
Img 2477
Img 2479
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Img 2483
Img 2485
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Img 2490

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