Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Christmas Bazaar 2017

1st December 2017


A big thank you to everyone who supported the Annual Bazaar last Sunday.  It was a wonderful occasion and great to see so many families and parishioners coming along to enjoy the afternoon events.

The event was such a success because of the great work of St Brigid’s PTA.  I would like to thank all involved in the planning and those who helped on the day in making the event so successful.

The total amount raised was an outstanding £4400.


The Grand Christmas Draw Winners

1st Prize: Estelle Mulgrew

2nd Prize: Sorcha Jennings

3rd Prize: Rob McCullagh

4th Prize: Katie McBride


All of the proceeds from the Bazaar will be invested in improving the learning experiences for the children throughout the school.  The main aim is to replace and upgrade all the playground markings and add resources to the playground to create a vibrant and interactive area for the children to play and learn.

Other resource priorities will be discussed after the Christmas break.  The children in each class will have an input through the School Council.

Thank you again for all your support and enjoy the pictures from Santa's Grotto.

Img 0861
Img 0863
Img 0865
Img 0867
Img 0874
Img 0878
Img 0880
Img 0886
Img 0894
Img 0902
Img 0904
Img 0912
Img 0918
Img 0926
Img 0930
Img 0932
Img 0936
Img 0946
Img 0948
Img 0958
Img 0966
Img 0970
Img 0974
Img 0979
Img 0986
Img 0996
Img 1005
Img 1010
Img 1017
Img 1018
Img 1022
Img 1023
Img 1028
Img 1033
Img 1041
Img 1043
Img 1046
Img 1048
Img 1055
Img 1057
Img 1062
Img 1065
Img 1070
Img 1071
Img 1074
Img 1084
Img 1089

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