Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Our Lady of Lourdes STEM Year 7

6th February 2018


Over the past few weeks, the Primary 7 children have been attending STEM workshops in Our Lady of Lourdes. These workshops allow the children to gain a sense of the type of scientific work they can expect next year as they move into their new secondary schools. The children greatly enjoyed the practicality of these sessions and the fantastic facilities of Our Lady of Lourdes Science department offers. These activities and experiments range from working with Bunsen burners to identify different elements or burning various food items to work out how much fat they contain.

The children were also engaged in making circuits using batteries, light bulbs and testing which metals were the best conductors of electricity.

Some experiments involved the use of magnets and the children greatly enjoyed these!

One investigation many of the children found very interesting was testing with different liquids to see if they were acid or alkaline. The children used different chemicals to test these liquids and then recorded their results.

Many thanks to Mr. Stewart for giving our Primary 7s a wonderful opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge and skills. It was a fabulous project.


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