Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

STEM Shared Education Year 4

24th May 2018


As part of the shared education initiative the Primary Fours from St. Brigid’s travelled to the Ballymoney Town Hall with their friends from the Leaney Primary School to celebrate all of their hard work from this year.

Together the children enjoyed a science show from STEM Aware who helped co-ordinate the experiments throughout the programme. Highlights of the day included watching Paul create blue flames, catapulting the teddy bear and shooting the cups off the teachers’ heads with puffs of smoke!

Parents, family and friends also came along to hear about all the exciting activities that have taken place so far. We are now very much looking forward to continuing our shared education next year and our final day out with the Leaney Primary School- A trip to W5 on Wednesday 20th June.

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