Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Year 2 'Shine Bright Like Starlight' Assembly

7th February 2020


The theme of our Assembly linked with our ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ topic this term. We discussed how Jesus is the light of the world and wants each of us to be like him.

We thought about lighting up the lives of others and invited a few children forward to try and make us laugh whichever way they could. This was used to show how smiling and laughing can make each of us feel good inside.

This led us onto share our role models with the rest of the school- those people who make our lives a lot brighter! The video link to watch this will be shared below.

It is important to have people to look up to in life but it is equally important to be a role model to others and to share our gifts and talents with those around us. We told everyone in the school what makes each of us unique and we lit up the hall the way we light up the classroom each and everyday!


A poem called ‘White Stars’ was read out to remind us to stop comparing ourselves to others and worrying about what others can do. We will always try to stay focussed on what we can do and have achieved!

We finished the assembly with a song from the movie ‘Brother Bear’ called ‘On my way’. It was well suited to our theme as we enter a new decade as we will have so much excitement and new experiences waiting for us in the days, months and years ahead in St Brigid’s.


We will keep shining on!


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