Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Year 7 Lisburn Trip 2018

28th June 2018


Year 7 Final Trip of the Year

What a fun way to finish off an excellent year! The P7s enjoyed the amazing slides and the current in the water at Lagan Valley Leisureplex. They splashed and swam, ducked and dived, in and around the pool having such fun. They even managed to get an extra 20 minutes in the water!

The children then enjoyed lunch outside in the sun, under the welcoming shade of the trees before heading back to school.

A few days later, the P7s and some Class B children took a jaunt to Subway for lunch and played in Megaw Park for the morning as a treat for hosting such a brilliantly successful mini-business. Well done P7s on a fantastic year of hard work, commitment, fun and lots of successes.

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